Admit it …
You have always wanted your very own mini-me


What about your very own miniature chocolate version of yourself? Just imagine: you could play at evil super-villain status – your cloned, delicious sidekick helping you plot world domination…

Whilst we may be getting carried away (slightly), the future of 3D printing remains pretty thrilling. We’ve installed the latest 3D technology on the Fifth Floor and for four exciting weeks you can print your very own chocolate selfie.

The state-of-the-art printing booth has been installed courtesy of tech-wizards iMakr. Simply step inside for a 5 minute scan and a mere ten days later, we’ll gift wrap and send you your very own mini-me and a chocolate version too.

The behind-the-scenes process is simple: the iMakr specialists will print out a plastic model of either a bust or full figurine, after which a food-safe silicone mould of your body or head will be cast from the scan, and melted Rococo chocolate will be poured in and cooled. All that’s left for us to do is carefully and beautifully wrap ‘you’ up for your enjoyment.

Making a truly original and alternative present, arrange for your figurine and chocolate selfie to either be sent directly to your home or collected on the Fifth Floor of Harvey Nichols in London.

Visit Harvey Nichols here
Chocolate Selfies - Mini-Me