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The IORMA Global Consumer Commerce Knowledge Hub features a wide range of historic and actual global, regional and country data, including forecasts, trends and analysis relating to Global Consumer Commerce.


Based on IORMA Research and incorporating information from other recognised Global sources, the Knowledge Hub  provides a reliable, accurate and relevant source of knowledge for all those concerned with Global Consumer Commerce and the corresponding Global Consumer Income and Spend. Consumer spending might be defined as the amount of money spent by consumers and households in an economy. Consumer Spend includes durable goods such as furniture and smartphones, non-durables goods such as food or gasoline. It also includes services such as real estate (housing), banking and insurances as well as leisure spending for sports events but also gambling and gaming. Consumer Spending is largely determined by the disposable income of households. Demographic factors – population, age structure, urbanisation and so on – and economic factors such as consumer confidence together with technological innovation and progress play a significant role. IORMA estimates that in 2015 total global spending has reached around $45trn, approximately 60% of global GDP. This figure is set to balloon to $72trn in 2025 or 66% of global GDP. This growth will be boosted by the growth of emerging markets and economies around the world, primarily in Asia, Latin America and Africa.  Other determinant factors to fuel this development will be the ongoing urbanisation, technological progress (internet and mobile), higher income and a growing middle class of consumers around the globe.  

Data Sources include but are not limited to : IORMA Research, United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank, the OECD, local Statistical Offices, Regional and National Banks and many others.
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