• Online and Retail sales are boosted this year by the further penetration of mobile purchases through smartphones and tablets
  • Sales during the coming holiday season will see new record sales per day, in particular “Cyber Monday” 2nd December
  • Mobile sales will double in share to reach an overall European average this year of 11%, up from 5,5% last year. In volume €40bn, up from €17bn.
  • Absolute world champions are the UK with the highest total e-sales (£88bn, €105bn or 30% of all European e-sales), the highest online spend per capita (over £2,200) and the highest mobile share (25% )
  • The UK is followed at a distance:
    - by the mature markets of the USA, Scandinavia and the Netherlands with a mobile share of 15 – 20%
    - by the established and growing markets (said A.T. Kearney) of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and the emerging markets of Spain, Italy, Poland and in particular Russia, Turkey and Ukraine with the highest percentages of growth (40 to 50%)
    - France is developing well in total e-sales (up 18% this year) but lagging behind in mobile
  • Outside Europe the share of mobile is rapidly increasing in:
    - Asia-Pacific, with China (online retail up 65% compared to 2012), Japan, South Korea, Australia India and smaller emerging markets like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
    - Latin America with Brazil (close to 60% of the Latin Anerican market), Argentine, Chile; Mexico and Venezuela
    - Middle East with UAE leading followed by KSA)
  • In all the countries online is boosted by the rapid penetration of mobile, including sleeping giant Africa, where the use of mobile is way ahead of fixend telephone and internet
  • A second trend contributing to records holiday sales are “click-and-collect” (order online, pick-up in store) and “free shipping”

All this bodes well and confirms the further integration of all traditional and online retail channels, which is what omni-retailing is all about. “The customer is always connected, the retailer is always there.

Source: IORMA research and estimates