iBeacons 2We are already seeing a lot of retail marketing type propositions pop up that utilise beacon technology for loyalty services based on micro location, as well as payments such as Powa.

PayPal Beacon













With the introduction of iBeacons, Apple in particular has made a decisive move into mobile payments within a physical retail environment in a big way. Everything about the functionality, from aggregating different couponing and wallet services such as PayPal, to creating a low cost barrier to entry for bricks and mortar retailers, can be mass adopted by merchants and consumers alike very quickly, and of course Apple is a hugely respected and trusted brand.

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Add to this location geo-fencing and you have an ideal tool for generating footfall and securing completion at the point of purchase. Also let’s not forget the sheer number of customers Apple has (with all the relevant details needed such as credit card details) registered to the iStore.

iBeacons 3















With this quietly introduced application, it looks like Apple may have changed the mobile payments game. There is no reason other handset/OS providers such as Samsung cant jump on the Beacons band wagon, the question will be whether there is a universally adopted way of doing it across all the players in the space.

iBeacon 5

Using strategically placed iBeacon devices inside stores, retailers are now able to send targeted messages and coupons to in-store shoppers. Apple’s iBeacon is also helping some retailers unlock extra revenue.

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