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3D Printing is increasingly hailed as the next industrial revolution and indeed this innovative technology is already influencing all industries, worldwide, across the entire supply chain of manufacture.

Additive manufacturing, as it is also known, is with us here and now and it is being tried, tested and exploited with fast developing momentum. The 3D Print world brings together a myriad of companies across R&D and the supply chain process and it is redefining current paradigms about how we come by our daily goods and services.

Moreover in a world where ownership of innovation now seems to be all things cyber, this technology has, by contrast, sprung up in our physical, analogue environment and it has captured our collective fascination.

IORMA’s goal is to provide its members with the latest information on leading edge creativity and invention across omni-channel retailing and the IORMA 3D Print Hub has been established as part of IORMA’s innovation dimension. The impact of this new form of additive manufacture on the economy and nature of retailing will be huge and as such it is a key area of interest for IORMA.

Moreover, IORMA maintains a customer-centric focus. This means that we understand the need for a seamless omni-channel purchasing experience and the IORMA 3D Print Hub has this important concept close its heart.

We recognise that the key issue for companies innovating in this sector is sustainability and routes to market. Therefore IORMA’s focus for the IORMA 3D Print Hub will be to explore the specific needs of all companies involved in 3D Printing and to introduce a wealth of experience from the retail sector. The opportunities that this will create will enable access to key figures and bodies in industry, government and the professions, not merely in the UK but globally.

The UK government is showing particular interest in this area with events, funding proposals and dialogue with the industry and IORMA’s Chairman, John Andrews has been active in presenting and participating in debates on this subject. In particular, The Technology Strategy Board, the UK government’s innovation agency has long recognised the considerable potential of this medium for UK business and is supporting a number of high value manufacturing projects with new business models.

See video examples of 3D Printing in action at IORMA’s Innovation Hub here

3D Printed Fashion 1See 3D-Printed Fashion At The Annual Victoria’s Secret Show here 

How is IORMA involved in 3D Printing?

IORMA is creating a directory of goods and services that interested parties can refer to for research purposes. The directory is also a means for individual companies connected with the 3D Printing space to promote themselves. We will be organising the directory into categories and participants will have the opportunity to have their logo included.
For more information and to be listed please contact:

Multi-Media Centre
IORMA is harnessing a plethora of information related to the industry and its key players. The multi-media centre offers news, information and links to articles, videos, podcasts and exciting developments across the globe.

Executive Fast Track
This is a highly crystallised, rapid way for high level executives with limited time to grasp the latest developments rapidly. The executive fast track will be available only to Iorma members by email and will provide knowledge about new concepts, new business models and bring to the fore rapidly-developing technology. This will take the form of short abstracts with “golden nuggets” of key information, linking where appropriate to larger articles for deeper reference and information. Executive fast track is different to the 3D multi-media centre in that the focus is purely on developments in new technology and business models presented ‘in a nutshell’ rapid updates.

Support and Contribution Centre
This is the area where IORMA Members will ask for help. You may need an expert in technology, market exposure, law in the creative industries, privacy and data, software. This area is again open to members only however, we will also be offering a forum for those who wish to contribute to IORMA’s 3D Print Hub. Companies can gain exposure by submitting articles, an offer of services or simply to become part of the community.

See video examples of 3D Printing in action at IORMA’s Innovation Hub here

For more information and to get involved, Please contact: Pandora Mather-Lees, Director.