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To keep abreast of and enable the Global Consumer Commerce Industry to anticipate future innovations, developments and trends (Technology based, Services based, Commercially based or Society based), IORMA provides an online Innovation Hub … researching, demonstrating  and commenting upon these developments. 

At IORMA we believe one of the best ways to prepare for the future is to try and live in it. We create a framework for tomorrow’s disruptive innovation to deliver consumer value today. But we understand that most of the time we are too busy coping with the here and now. Through our Innovation Hub we aim to help you keep ahead by offering curated content that:

  • shows you what is happening globally in the critical areas of new technology innovation
  • highlights selected start ups that are using these technologies today to disrupt markets and change consumer behaviour

Beyond this Innovation Hub, we offer:

  • Networking, introductions and deal flow for corporates, government bodies and experienced executives to invest in or work with the most exciting start ups
  • Growth services for start ups & scale ups, providing access to high quality funding, research grants, the right accelerator programmes, global markets, talent and needed support services from both within the IORMA community and those we rate outside it

If you’d like to explore any of the content featured or our innovation services further please contact us at


IORMA Innovation Trend Watch

3D Printer3D Printing




artificial-intelligence 2Artificial Intelligence


*  President Obama in WIRED: How Technology Progress Will Make Our Lives Better

*  Stephen Hawking – Artificial Intelligence Will be The Best or Worst Thing to Happen to Humanity

* Google Home: Hands-free help from the Google Assistant

* Introducing Amazon Echo Dot

and more


IORMA Innovation Hub : Autonomous TransportAutonomous Transport


* President Barack Obama on How We’ll Embrace Self-Driving Cars | WIRED



Blockchain ImageBlockchain & Bitcoin


* We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers … Rachel Botsman

Bettina Warburg : How the Blockchain will radically transform the Economy

* How the Blockchain Works … Dan Tapscott

and more


Amazon DroneDrones Burberry Holographic Fashion Show - 2Holography
Internet GlobeInternet IORMA Innovation Hub - Internet of ThingsInternet of Things
New Materials GrapheneMaterials

*   Elon Musk Unveils Tesla’s New ‘Solar Roof      

IORMA Innovation Hub : NanotechnologyNanotechnology
IORMA Innovation Hub : PaymentsPayments Humanoid Robot  Robotics  including

  *  Artificial Intelligence: Blurring the Lines Between Humans and Machines

 and more

IORMA Innovation Hub - SmartSmart IORMA Innovation Hub : Virtual RealityVirtual Reality


IORMA Start Up Watch

Nick Pendleton - 2Nick Pendleton (IORMA Board Member, COO & Director of Research) regularly reports back to IORMA associates from the innovation front line.

As an active angel investor and advisor to fast growth companies & major corporates on strategy & innovation he is lucky enough to meet some inspirational companies & entrepreneurs that he is keen to share with you.

Why should you be interested? Well these companies are trying to harnessing the disruptive technologies we showcase and track as part of our IORMA Trend Watch.  They do this by combining tech with insights into new consumer patterns & evolving business models. This offers both opportunities and threats for existing players and potential ideas to trial for those in adjacent markets or other countries.

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