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Real MadridReal Madrid top Deloitte 2016 Money League list featuring 17 UK Premier League clubs in top 30

More than half of the top 30 highest-earning football clubs in the world play in the UK Premier League – but Spanish sides Real Madrid and Barcelona lead the way. The 2016 Deloitte Football Money League – detailing the 2014/15 season – measures a club’s earnings from match day revenue, broadcast rights and commercial sources, and ranks them on that basis. Real Madrid retained their place for the 11th year in a row, having generated €577m (£439m, USD640m). Read more here



Beauty and Personal CareBeauty and personal care, the next big thing in Europe

Beauty and personal care could be the next big online category in Europe, consulting firm A.T. Kearny thinks. But only if the products and online shops meet the unique needs of consumers. Nonetheless, online sales of beauty and personal care are expected to increase by more than 8 per cent year-on-year until 2019. Read the full article here




Africa MapAfrica’s untapped e-commerce potential

While only 63% of Africa’s group population have access to piped water, a staggering 93% have cell phones. There’s an enormous opportunity brewing in the world’s second largest and second most populous continent that outweighs the risks of a region pocked by violence and instability. With the IMF ranking Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Senegal as Africa’s fastest growing economies, Africa is demonstrating it is ripe for an unprecedented economic opportunity that, if tapped smartly, could lead to billions of dollars in online sales for major global brands with a strong presence in other areas of the world. Read the full article here



IndonesiaIndonesia relaxes ownership rules for retail

Indonesia has eased foreign ownership rules in the retail sector and port services as part of efforts to liberalise its economy, which is the laergest in South-east Asia. Read the full article here





Global HouseholdsHouseholds – Global Trends and Forecasts with respect to Size, Composition and Structure

Over the past decades the global trend towards smaller and less conventional households continued, driven by lower marriage and fertility rates, ageing populations, rapid urbanisation and rising wealth in emerging markets. Read the full article here or in the IORMA Knowledge Hub




Netherlands  Flage-Commerce in the Netherlands expected to reach €18bn in 2016

B2C Ecommerce sales in the Netherlands are expected to reach 18 billion euros in 2016. The ecommerce industry was worth slightly more than 16 billion euros last year, but according to the Ecommerce Foundation the online retail industry is expected to increase by 12.1 percent and thus reach just over 18 billion euros.  Read more here




New ZealandMade in…New Zealand? Preferences for Local and Global Brands

Traditional definitions of country of origin have become blurred. Some iconic “local” brands are actually manufactured abroad, while some foreign brands have built a manufacturing presence in the country. When it comes to choosing a product, do consumers prefer global brands or local ones? Around half of New Zealanders (52%) try to buy NZ made products as often as possible but it really depends on the category. Read more here




Currency ExchangeGlobal economies and the impact of currency fluctuations (part II)

As the U.S. economy recovers, the dollar has strengthened, making it one of the best performers over the last year. As explained in our earlier introduction with respect on this issue, currency fluctuations have a huge impact on the economic and social welfare of companies and consumers as global economies are closely connected. Read the second part of our series on this issue here




Global Consumers - high resNielsen: Global Consumer Confidence Report Q1 2016

Global consumer confidence remained stable in the first quarter of this year and below the optimism baseline score of 100, edging up one index point to 98. The score reflected mixed confidence levels reported in every region. While the global consumer confidence index has been largely unchanged over the past several quarters, beneath that we see a fair amount of variation in the confidence of individual countries… Read the full article here or ask a copy of the report here




Amazon Logo 2Amazon crosses the 100 billion dollar mark. International sales growth slowing down

The dominance of Amazon as the world’s largest e-retailer continues at pace with a recent report suggesting it accounted for 24% of total US retail sales growth in 2015 – and more than half of e-commerce growth.The study from Macquarie Research reports that Amazon took 24 cents of every $1 of retail sales growth in 2015. Within e-commerce specifically, Amazon was even more dominant, accounting for 51 cents of every $1 in online sales growth.  Read more here






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