Business People Connected around the WorldSo many major conferences in key international markets, so much research data, so many statistics, trends, and forecasts. How can senior executives take in all that’s on offer and put it to profitable use?

IORMA is well placed, as the Knowledge Centre for Global Consumer Commerce, to deal not just in data and facts, but also interpretation, insights and exchange of experience. Sometimes you really need to step aside from the bombardment of new data – to take an issue that really merits exploration – to lift it onto the table for a genuine discussion of what it means, and could mean for your strategy and operations. You want to do that in a small group of peers who are as ready as you are to open up in a private discussion.

Hence, IORMA’s new and distinctive series of private roundtables for senior executives who are signed up with us.

Our next dinner discussion
To be held at Quo Vadis in central London on Wednesday 11 June
Chris Russell  Joint CEO eDigitalResearch will host and lead a discussion for 20 IORMA associates about how to get closer to customers.  
  • Big data provides volumes of generalised information about consumers.  But how can your business gain a truly deep knowledge of the customers of greatest importance and value to you?
  • How can you use that knowledge to create real relationships with them?
  • A relationship has to be a two way journey.  Traditionally, customer research has told you a great deal about your customers, but how can you stimulate them to tell you more themselves – to provide information that they are happy to give, and that you genuinely will use in your business?
  • How can you get quick information about your customers (their desires and feelings, likes and dislikes)  into the business, to facilitate fast and educated decisions?
As with all our roundtables, there will be ample opportunity for frank exchange of views.
A workshop in London on 14 July 
To be led by Gary Corbett  Chairman, Oxygen8 Group 

Mobile devices open up such a wide range of opportunities for a brand to create effective customer touch points.  From finding and researching products and services through to the actual purchase and payment, via email, SMS, apps, Voice, web, when intelligently used, mobile can be a game changer for any organisation.  Gary will introduce the theme of how innovation in end users’  lifestyles works with business innovation to keep mobile at the forefront of Omni commerce.  There will be ample opportunity for discussion among all present.

This roundtable will be followed later in the year by a session at Oxygen8’s Brainstorm Lab, where it works with clients to analyse and overcome real business challenges.  IORMA associates will be able to challenge its technology and experience.

How can businesses, whether established or new, reinforce their brand identity in the Omni world?
Regulators have a keen focus on protecting disadvantaged customers, but at what cost to those who are actively looking to do business in more sophisticated ways that suit their own preferences.

Past events

Our 30 April roundtable was hosted by Dave Emerson, Owner of SEKO Logistics and an IORMA Board member.  Over dinner in Hoxton, London, participants from retail, high end brand owners, the fine arts business and technology providers talked about delivery and returns.   Customers are choosing and ordering their purchases using the latest devices.  How can you create a delivery and returns mechanism that matches their experience?  How can you mitigate the cost to your business of so much stock in transit?

These roundtables are lively, friendly, inspiring, forward looking, informative, private, exploratory sessions, with up to 25 participants

  • Senior people from diverse organisations get together to hear new ideas, and exchange thoughts about how they can respond
  • The discussion leaders encourage people to share tentative plans as well as hard experience
  • The networking provided by these small, senior level roundtables, is of top quality
  • They enable each person to network with everyone in the room simultaneously
  • And the diversity and richness of themes and discussion enables IORMA to stay ahead of the game in thinking creatively about what will happen next – and what could.

Initially the IORMA roundtables are being held in London, expanding to international locations soon.

Would you like to be on our invitation list?  e-mail and we will keep you fully updated.  And do let Barbara know of any discussion themes that you’d like to explore in this way.