IORMA offers its Members the opportunity to promote its Job Offers/Career Vacancies to a global audience focused on all aspects of Omni Retailing.

IORMA is also recruiting and would be pleased to hear from those interested in working with and developing their career at IORMA

For those interested in Internships to provide training and experience in all aspects of the exciting new global opportunities presented by Global Retailing of the future … Omni Retailing, IORMA provides a very stimulating opportunity for those seeking to enter the Industry.

For further information or to send your CV,  please contact:


t: +44 (0) 207 096 1729



IORMA (International Omni Retailing Markets Association) is a new innovative Association for those globally who have interest and/or involvement in the Global Omni Retailing Industry and its future.

IORMA has been established in recognition of the accelerating changes being brought about in Society, Commerce and particularly in the Retailing and Consumer Goods and Services Sector within an overall increasingly Global Digital Economy and Society.  The growing empowerment of consumers through the use of technology such as the Internet, Smart Phones, Tablet Computers, Internet Connected TV’s and in-store Digital methods and the general Digital Evolution is bringing about the fusion of In-Store retailing and Online Retailing in the form of Omni Retailing.  This is resulting in a technology enabled global consumer influencing the future direction of retailing, with the subsequent impact upon Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers and their traditional methods of marketing, selling and delivering those goods and services nationally, regionally and globally.

NEW POSITION: A number of positions are available at IORMA for a volunteer or student to work flexible hours supporting various functions within IORMA which is at an exciting early stage of development.

This is an opportunity for you to become involved in projects which fit your coursework or interests across virtually any area of the retail industry and its support services. Iorma is developing in numerous areas across the hubs and services outlined on this website and is particularly concerned with developing the membership profile over the next six months.

Candidates must be able to handle potential members and those they engage with in an efficient and professional manner, so good presentation is vital.

The role may include developing memberships, editing and adding content to the website, attending events, PR activity, developing and working on social media, assisting with joint ventures and partnerships with other bodies both across government, industry and globally.  We are also running campaigns and researching the art and luxury sectors including an exciting new IORMA 3D Print Hub.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to be involved at the outset with a global organisation helping companies understand the new Omni Retail World that touches just about every industry.

Please contact:   Pandora Mather-Lees: Director, Creative and Luxury Sector   Phone: +44 (0)207 096 1729