IORMA reports on the BBC’s predictions that future cities will include Robot Shopping Assistants and Delivery Drones

Tomorrow's CitiesFuture Cities … Have you ever wondered where you or your children may be living in 2050? Experts predict that by then three-quarters of the world’s population will live in cities. For part of its Tomorrow’s Cities season the BBC takes a look through the crystal ball to imagine what city life might be like in 40 years’ time.




Robot Shopping AssistantsRobot Shopping Assistants Going to the shops may be very different in 2050. 3D printing is likely to be available in many shops allowing people to create bespoke items. Robot assistants will help you find what you are looking for as well as performing tasks such as stock-taking.
Boundaries between the virtual and the real will blur. Goods will be shown in huge virtual displays with layers of augmented reality showing you how products will look out of the box.



Delivery DroneDelivery Drones  There is nothing an urbanite values more than a fast-food delivery so how about a takeaway delivered by drone? One pizza manufacturer has already tested drone delivery and some predict these automated flying machines will fill the skies replacing the motorbike and cycle couriers of today.