Tuesday, 18 March 2014 - Fashion United

Eastleigh shopping centre offers Beacon app technologyThe Swan Centre in Eastleigh, Hampshire, has become the first UK shopping centre to roll out Bluetooth-based beacon technology to engage directly with consumers by offering them discounts through their smartphones while they shop in the centre. For shoppers to receive the discounts they first need to download the free SmartRewards app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, and have their Bluetooth turned on, so that when they pass within 50 metres of one of the tiny Beacons in the shopping centre they can be sent targeted ads and retailer-specific discounts.

The Eastleigh shopping centre offers Beacon app technologySwan Centre has partnered with Brighton-based tech start-up TagPoints to incorporate their unique TagBeacons platform, which are low-energy, low-cost Bluetooth devices that can be attached to walls and display counters with the shopping centre’s rewards app. As well as offering loyalty points each time a customer enters the centre, which can be redeemed against free gifts and exclusive offers from participating retailers, the technology can be used to drive customers into particular stores or areas of the centre, and allow retailers to accurately measure footfall.

Commenting on the technology, Mark Robinson, investment director at Ellandi, owner of The Swan Centre said: “There’s a real buzz within the retail industry about the potential of location-based technology to help engage with and market services to the public.

“It offers them the ability to connect with motivated customers and deliver filtered offers and discounts – based on location and proximity – directly to their mobile phones. Our merchants are now able to communicate directly with customers and positively influence their spending patterns without having to lift a finger.”

UK shopping centre connects with shoppers using Beacon technology
TagPoints co-founder Dave Mitchell, added: “We’ve already seen that when shoppers receive targeted offers – based on where they are within the shopping centre – they’re more motivated and hence likely to use them and connect with the brand behind the offer.

“As well as building customer loyalty, the system enables retailers to gain data about their end users that previously has been beyond them – and help close the loop between the digital and bricks and mortar worlds.”

Currently the Beacon technology is still fairly new, this is the first reported use in the UK, however it has been utilised in New York department store Macy’s as well as in Apple stores in America and some sports stadiums.

Article courtesy of Fashion United